This is my heart saying goodbye

I used to think that when my heart would break, it would be something akin to the end of the world. Like those scenes where buildings collapse, grounds splitting wide open, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and all kinds of disasters known to man.

I never thought my heart would break silently. It broke with delicacy, not even creating any kind of ripple in the wind. Not even creating a sound loud enough to reach your ears for you to recognize what you just did.

And I guess that was it. That has always been the case. My heart is trapped in a soundproof chest, its desires never to be heard. No matter how loud it screams for you, your ears will never hear it. No matter how much it cries for you, your hands will never dry its tears.

My heart’s voice is starting to get tired from all the screaming, it’s eyes swollen from all the crying. It’s time I took charge. This time I’m cradling my own heart, comfort it until it forgets your name and I’ll make sure it won’t shed a single tear for you anymore.

This is my heart saying goodbye.