I’m currently taking a short break from studying because, hell, I’m in desperate need of one. I’ve been working on my desk since morning, my back is aching, and my butt is going flat. A few more minutes of this and I’m going to go crazy!

I love learning but I’m the kind of learner who learns from experience rather than from textbooks. That’s why long theoretical gibberish captures my attention for only about three seconds. And that’s also the reason why after I only (usually) study for exams at a date near the actual exam itself. I tend to forget the things I read after I’ve exhausted them on the exam.

It’s frustrating, though. Like for example, this subject, Auditing Theory. It’s the third/fourth time I’ve studied this subject but I still understand a few of them. Granted, everytime I review, I always find new things to learn, new things to focus on but seriously, what the heck? Why can’t I just retain everything on my mind?

I know AT is an interesting subject. I want to love it especially with my desire to work at ang auditing firm but I just can’t get a tighter grasp on it. 

I’m a learner from experience. Maybe once I get a job (after I pass the Board, of course), I’ll understand it better. Once I apply everything and once I act on the things I only get to read, maybe. But right now, let me procrastinate.