Yesterday was like the best day for me. Not because something big and memorable happened but because I was genuinely happy the whole day. I can’t remember the last time I felt so light and carefree but yesterday was that and so much more. I was laughing at the smallest things and was just having a great time. I was not thinking of our thesis–which I was thinking about for the past two weeks– and I was not at the least bit bothered by my lack of studying for our next subject. Though when I think about it, I should have been. Our professor bitched a lot during class and that’s the only blip on my happiness card.

I want this feeling everyday. But there’s this thing I read before and it actually has a point: Sometimes the only to be happy is to be sad at other times. You cannot really appreciate the happiness when you’ve never felt the sadness– or in my case, tiredness from school. I know no matter how many times I wish for days like yesterday, I only get a taste of happiness at a few doses so I want to remember it. Not the exact events (because I’m too much of a forgetful person to remember a lot), but the exact feeling. So that at times when I feel down, I’ll just think of the feeling and know that the sadness will always go away.



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