The Best Feeling

For some people, the best feeling in the world is savoring the drops of rain on their faces, or watching the sun as it sets in the horizon, or waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or simply cuddling with a loved one in front of the television. While I love and would love to experience all these, the best feeling in the world for me is keeping my eyes open and battling sleep when I desperately want to finish reading a book.

reading blankets

Have you felt that way before? You want to close the book because it’s already midnight and your classes start at eight in the morning but you just got hooked on a scene. You’ll say it will be the last chapter you’ll read for the night. And when you finish that chapter, you’ll read one more because it’s just that good. Your eyes start to itch because it’s starting to tire and your vision starts to get blurry but you fight the urge to sleep because there’s only a few more pages ’til the end. The moment you close the book you will let out that satisfied sigh– the way you always do after reading a great book–and look out your window. That’s when you notice that the sun is starting to rise and you’ll remember your eight a.m. class and you think that you should probably be freaking out because you will be getting less sleep and probably be groggy the whole day. But instead of feeling the regret of wasting a good night’s sleep, you lie in bed and let the covers shower you with their warmth. You feel your muscles relax until you fade away into dreamland, the remains of the book you read are in the corners of your mind, lulling you into that blissful sleep. 

For me, that’s the best feeling to have. Being absolutely carefree in reading and so much absorbed in the story that I don’t even have to think about anything else but the story. I love the feeling of getting lost in a different world where I can forget about the worries of my world. If you haven’t experienced reading until the wee hours of the morning, then you haven’t experience life at all. 



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