Hell Week Is Over

Hell Midterms week is over, finally. After all the frustrations and stress of the previous week, I finally got the first full day of relaxation. Although I wouldn’t really say that this is a break fro me since we have a lot of readings to do for our Law subject and additional ones for our Auditing Problems (AP) subject but I’m taking it easy today. I deserve this break and no one can freaking stop me if I want to stay in front of the computer the whole day or finish the forth season of Doctor Who or eat the stress away.

I want to rehash the week but my brain may have trashed all the bad memory of taking this years’ exams that I seem to have gone into a post-examination shock. All I know is that I badly need to change my studying habits. My old study habits seem to be lacking. My AP subject needs more focus than anything else since it’s the class I’m having a hard time catching up on. Taking the exam last Sunday, I was so dumbfounded to find that there was only thirty minutes left to take the exam and I was only finished with half of it, I panicked and blindingly shaded different letters hoping that I’ll pass the exam. 


I saw the result yesterday and unfortunately, I did not. There is only a limited amount of luck swinging my way and passing this test did not swing in my favor. That is why I need  to up my game and ace the second half of the term. 

I don’t know my scores on the other exams. Maybe I’ll get news this Thursday but for now, I’m going to shut down and maybe clear the cobwebs in my head. It needs more space if it’s going to accommodate more AP lessons. 

After the last exam, my friends and I went to the mall to unwind. We ate pizza and rented a room for karaoke. But even that did not calm me down from the hell week’s stress. Still, it was nice to hang out with my friends. 🙂


(Photo by Trishia) 


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