Dream Boyfriends and Crunching Numbers

I just woke up and I had to write the remains of the dream I had woken up to.

I have this boyfriend (in the dream, of course because obviously, real-life boyfriends are overrated) and he was throwing a party for a friend. So all of us were there (but I don’t know anyone in this dream, not even my boyfriend. I can’t remember his face anymore) and he got distracted until he got wasted and everyone goes home because… come on, he’s wasted get the hell out of my dream!

I was comforting him, cooing from beside the couch he was lying in and then I became angry for an argument that I can’t remember now. So I went out of the house and walked. I think I walked for about three days in the dream because my outfit kept changing and the background also changes…

Then I came to a stop in front of his house–which is throwing another party. I was about to pass it and go on my walking streak when suddenly someone grabbed my arm. And tada! It’s my boyfriend. Then we were inside the house, now spotless. No sign of humans within the space of his living room. He took out a book, placed it on his lap and then started crunching out numbers. He was calculating the reasons why we should not break up. HE WAS CALCULATING IT! My dream self was offended and gave an ultimatum along the lines of, “I am not an equation to be solved, and so is our relationship… Blahs… If this thing can be calculated then I don’t even want to stay here.”

And before I can make my grand exit, I was woken up by a knocking on the door. It was my cousin with my nephew.

So anyway, despite my lack of knowledge in the relationship department, my dream-self-in-a-relationship kicks ass. She gives nice ultimatums and takes no shit from everyone (at least I think I do). And come on! My dream-boyfriend is what? A party animal with a knack for numbers. That’s like the opposite of my dream dream boyfriend. I live in numbers everyday, I don’t want my other half to do that, too.

But what am I saying? I think this is just hunger. I better eat breakfast first before the deep-thinking.


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