One Dream at a Time


I’ve only been busy for a few days, say three to four, but I’ve never been as tired as I am now. I’ve been running back and forth, taking care of things that need to be done, that I can’t seem to catch my breath. And by catching my breath, I mean doing my leisure activities like reading, writing, playing the guitar, or even watching Doctor Who.

But then again, those things can always wait. The responsibilities I have now can’t. So as much as I’d love to do more than what I do now, I have to give myself a break from all my extra-curricular activities and focus on the important stuff. Besides, it’s my last year in college. There’s no room for dilly-dallying. So as long as I can keep focused and serious, I can get all my priorities straight.

And this is me on being a good student. Let this post be a reminder that I am a good one when days are starting to get tough and I want to laze around and say to hell with my studies. Not all the good things in life can come on one downpour. That’s what I’m learning. And that there’s no need to rush anything to get to all the dreams I have established. There’s a time for everything. Right now I have to settle for one dream at a time.


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