TGT #6

I guess I better continue my three good things portion of the blog. It started off great but I guess too much negative thinking in the last months blocked all the positives I radiate. Time to find the good things in my day.

1. We already got or thesis request letter signed by our professor. It’s not much but at least it was not hard catching up with her. Since Ma’am Geronimo does not spend her time in school, it’s really hard to get ahold of her. It’s reassuring, her signature, let me tell you. Although I kind of forgot where I kept the letter. Oopsie. Better look for that in my room before anything bad happens to it.

2. I watched four episodes of Doctor Who today. I planned on doing my Tax assignment at 10 am but ended up watching the Doctor with Martha (I’m still missing Rose). I’d consider that a good thing. I mean, COME ON! It’s the Doctor. Everything can wait but not him. Or he can since he’s the Doctor.

3. I eventually did my Tax assignment. I’m still doing it now. I just took an assignment break just to write this because I do not want to pass up writing this before I forget. I had a hard time with Chapter 8’s PROBLEM SIX because of the wording and sequencing of the questions. Ugh.

PS: I’ve updated my story, The Sweetest Escape. That’s the highlight of my day. My hiatus is finally over and hopefully my writing mojos are back. *cross fingers*

PPS: That’s actually four good things, but hey! POSITIVE THINKING REMEMBER. I never said there are limits to the good things that can happen in a day.


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