The stress of the coming midterm examinations is bearing down on me and tomorrow is the last full day I get to stay at home and after that, it’s going to be a tough week. Goodbye leisure, hello hell week.

But first, sleep. A long, uninterrupted one.


One Dream at a Time


I’ve only been busy for a few days, say three to four, but I’ve never been as tired as I am now. I’ve been running back and forth, taking care of things that need to be done, that I can’t seem to catch my breath. And by catching my breath, I mean doing my leisure activities like reading, writing, playing the guitar, or even watching Doctor Who.

But then again, those things can always wait. The responsibilities I have now can’t. So as much as I’d love to do more than what I do now, I have to give myself a break from all my extra-curricular activities and focus on the important stuff. Besides, it’s my last year in college. There’s no room for dilly-dallying. So as long as I can keep focused and serious, I can get all my priorities straight.

And this is me on being a good student. Let this post be a reminder that I am a good one when days are starting to get tough and I want to laze around and say to hell with my studies. Not all the good things in life can come on one downpour. That’s what I’m learning. And that there’s no need to rush anything to get to all the dreams I have established. There’s a time for everything. Right now I have to settle for one dream at a time.

My Civil Service Registration Adventure

Pinipilit na ko ni Tita Beth na mag-take ng civil service exam so she shouldered the expenses so that we would not have any other reason to not take the exam this year. Last year kasi tinamad kaming magpasa. Driving force na yung libreng fee kaya napatulak kami ni Tatay na pumunta ng Pasay para magparehistro.

The drive was rainy. Umalis kami ng bahay, medyo makulimlim na pero ngayong araw lang kasi talaga yung free time ko kaya sabi ko kay Tatay, push na ‘to. Kaya kahit mabasa (dahil naka-motor lang kami), go pa rin. Nainis sakin si Tatay kasi wala akong dalang payong. XD

Hindi daw pwedeng sumama si Tatay sa loob ng DFA building, dapat yung examiner lang daw, sabi nung guard sa entrance. Kaya ako lang yung pumasok, tumambay sa waiting area si Tatay. Nung pumasok ako ng building, I felt like a probinsyana. Kailangan mo palang ilagay yung bag mo sa conveyor belt para ma-scan.Haha. Malay ko bang conveyor belt yung makina na nasa harap nun? Sa reception, doon ko lang naalala na kailangan ko nga pala ng photocopy ng ID ko kaya tinawagan ko si Tatay para sabihin ang info na ‘to tapos lumabas uli ako ng building. Na-badtrip ata sakin si Tatay kasi wala kagabi pa niya pinaalala sakin yun, hindi ko ginawa.

So si Tatay na lang yung lumabas, hinintay ko siya. Mga five minutes yun pero feeling ko 30 minutes kasi ang tagal. Balik uli ako, conveyor belt, reception. Tapos kinuha nila yung ID ko. Eh iyon lang yung dala kong ID para ipe-present sa registration. Tinanong ko yung lady guard kung okay lang ‘yon. Sabi niya basta may photocopy, pwede na. So pinapunta niya akong third floor. Pagdating ko doon, may guard uli tapos dinala niya ko doon sa office. Pagdating ko doon, unang pinuna nung kuyang magre-register yung ID picture ko. Mali daw. Tapos yung ID ko daw, dapat yung original copy nasakin eh diba nga iniwan ko sa guard. EH ISANG ID LANG DALA KO. Dilemma, dilemma. Bwisit.

Labas na naman ako, nagpa-picture ako. And you know what, 150 PESOS FOR SIX PICTURES ang nagastos namin. Ano ‘yon?! BURGIS lang.

Balik sa loob. Conveyor belt, reception. This time kasama ko na si Tatay kasi kakausapin niya yung sa reception kung pwedeng walang ID. In the end, ID niiya yung pinaiwan tapos kasama ko na siya sa third floor. Pwede naman pala eh, sabi pa nung guard sa labas bawal. Kaasar.

Sa office ng registration, babae naman yung nag-entertain samin. Okay na yung picture, dala ko na yung ID ko. Ang problema naman ngayon, HINDI VALID YUNG ID ko. Isa na nga lang yung ID ko, hindi ko pa mapagkakatiwalaan. Grabe, sobrang higpit nila. Sana pala nakakuha na kami ng police clearance nung umaga. Si Tatay kasi eh. Hmph. Sinuggest nila na magpagawa ng police clearance sa city hall ng Pasay pero 120 (compared sa 50 kapag sa LPC nagpagawa). So labas na uli kami. Sabi ko kay tatay this time, umuwi na lang muna kami, babalik na lang ako kapag papasok akong school, dadaanan ko. Kailangan na rin kasing bumalik ni Tatay, lunch break niya lang yung kinuha namin.

Sa city hall na kami ng LPC pumunta para magpa-police clearance para sure na sure na. Bukas, magpapa-validate na rin ako ng ID para wala nang palya. Bwisit.

TGT #7

5:45 pm

The day is definitely filled with un-good things. But I’m not going to talk about that.

1. I “volunteered” for the CPA board exam as a student aid but apparently my services were not needed so we went to SM instead. Yey, SM! I would have loved it if I could have extended my beauty sleep but I could not leave my responsibility as a “volunteer” on the sidelines. That’s just not me.

2. The amazing and humiliating experience of playing Dance Central is definitely amazing and humiliating. Especially for a person like me, who has two left feet, Dance Central–or any dance games for that matter– is not recommended. Let this be a reminder that I should just stick to singing and writing and reading.

3. While my friends are panicking with the idea of being called for recitation in our Auditing Problems subject, I feel nothing at all. Not the numb kind of nothing, just… I’m not feeling worried or panicked. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not but it really proved that adage, “ignorance is bliss.” Too many times I’ve felt the fear and the panic of being the center of a teacher’s wrath, I think this time I’m already foolproof. Let’s test that theory later when I get called.

9:33 pm

Nope, no recitation. There’s an assignment, though. Bummer.

TGT #6

I guess I better continue my three good things portion of the blog. It started off great but I guess too much negative thinking in the last months blocked all the positives I radiate. Time to find the good things in my day.

1. We already got or thesis request letter signed by our professor. It’s not much but at least it was not hard catching up with her. Since Ma’am Geronimo does not spend her time in school, it’s really hard to get ahold of her. It’s reassuring, her signature, let me tell you. Although I kind of forgot where I kept the letter. Oopsie. Better look for that in my room before anything bad happens to it.

2. I watched four episodes of Doctor Who today. I planned on doing my Tax assignment at 10 am but ended up watching the Doctor with Martha (I’m still missing Rose). I’d consider that a good thing. I mean, COME ON! It’s the Doctor. Everything can wait but not him. Or he can since he’s the Doctor.

3. I eventually did my Tax assignment. I’m still doing it now. I just took an assignment break just to write this because I do not want to pass up writing this before I forget. I had a hard time with Chapter 8’s PROBLEM SIX because of the wording and sequencing of the questions. Ugh.

PS: I’ve updated my story, The Sweetest Escape. That’s the highlight of my day. My hiatus is finally over and hopefully my writing mojos are back. *cross fingers*

PPS: That’s actually four good things, but hey! POSITIVE THINKING REMEMBER. I never said there are limits to the good things that can happen in a day.


Basically, what really urged me to write more is because I was not made part of the essay writing contest this year. It was supposed to be my year since it’s my last. I was supposed to place first this year contrary to last year’s third.

I did not know why I even agree to be removed from my spot in the contest. It was supposed to be my legacy! (Sort of).

But as they say, “it’s not good to cry over spilled milk.” This was a chance I let go of and I’m the one to regret it–probably for the rest of my life– but I’m blaming no one. Not even our team leader. I just hope they replaced me with someone better or they’ll regret it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Really, my inspiration on coming back to the blogging world is Jenna from the show Awkward. Just saying. 😁