TGT #4

I forgot my three good things post for yesterday. Sorry. Anyway, here is my TGT for today. 

1. I’m lazy the whole day. That’s a good thing. Because I’m not gonna have the luxury of being lazy starting tomorrow and the next few days. School stuff. Ugh. 

2. I finally got to watch The Conjuring. So that’s what’s the fuzz was all about. I don’t want to go all-out critic with this movie since I don’t know how to critic a horror movie seeing that it’s not my cup of tea. But for a horror one, I felt like it lacked something.

3. I finally had my first taste (a sip, actually) of milk tea. I know I might be breaking my promise to Kamille that I’m going to drink my first milk tea with her but this was not actually MY milk tea. It was my sister’s so that does not count! 

So… yeah (this is my brilliant parting line).


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