Sea of Monsters


Last Sunday after our departmental examinations, my friends and I went to see the second installment of The Percy Jackson series.

The movie started at 4:30 and since we had a few hours to spare, I had the chance to bond with Jean Van and Janet since they’re not really in my circle of friends. It was actually refreshing, talking to people other than those whom you are used to. We ate at the Foodcourt and stayed for about two hours there before finally– finally — seeing the movie.

I was expecting this movie to be better than the first one since The Lightning Thief was a lot different from the book. Good thing the Sea of Monsters did not disappoint. I don’t want to go on into details since maybe people who’ll read this might not have watched it yet. And if you haven’t, please do. I’m ENCOURAGING you.

Going home with Trishia, we were “attacked” by the heavy rain. Good thing it was not yet the worst kind. That would have been traumatizing. At least we got home safe.

It was a good day to watch the movie. Being daughters of Poseidon, we really took the waterworks seriously. But I think we’ve overdone it. So if people are complaining about the flash floods, sorry. It’s our bad. We’re doing something about it. 😀


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