Out Of Here

I really, really want to escape from this place. It’s destroying us. All the useless gossiping and the fake friendship, it’s disgusting.

It has always been my dream to get out of this place. Away from the snotty relatives. Away from their sharp tongues and judgemental stares. Away from them, always trying to look inside our house and check everything out.

I hate them knowing everything about me. They rejoice in my success. They feel entitled to do it because maybe someday I could help them if they asked for it. They criticize. They judge. They destroy.

I know they’re family. But they need to know their boundaries. They know too much. We have given them too much ammunition so when they try to bend us, they have great advantage to do so.

Someday I’m gonna leave this place and have my well-deserved privacy. Just not today. Today I endure. Today I make myself stronger than yesterday. Today I put my feet on the ground. And tomorrow… Tomorrow I’m out of here.


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