Third Chance

Really, this is my third chance staying in Accountancy. I don’t.want to fuck it up next school year. But I’m afraid that I would. I’m not really too focused on my studies and that will be my downfall. I just have to be constantly reminded of things I need to achieve and not be lazy, I guess.

So, after all the stress, I passed the SQEs. I did it. And I’m happy. Really, I am. Maybe Accountancy really is for me. Maybe there’s an ultimate reason why I’m still here.

But even though I’m happy, I’m sad. Because friend of mine did not make it. She was not given a third chance. I can just imagine how devastating she must feel after seeing the result. I can imagine it because those may have been the feelings I thought of everytime my mind tells me I will not pass. It may even be hurting her because now it’s real. It’s not only in her mind. She didn’t make it. She is confused. She doesn’t know what to do next. She might have cried herself to sleep last night.

I wish I could comfort her. It’s all I can do. That, and not rubbing it on anyone’s face that I passed. I want to be humble about it.

Right now I just wish she’s okay and holding up just fine.


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