Wandering Mind

My mind is not the most focused ones out there. There’s just a lot of thoughts going on in here and most of them are actually nonsense. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to be focused on one thing but I am glad to have a very easily distracted mind. I can easily distract myself from certain kinds of thoughts. But there are times, like today, when I should be studying and I find it hard to concentrate. Like I said. Too many distractions.

It’s also the reason why I’m too forgetful. My mind jumps from one thought to the next and I tend to forget my earlier train of thought.

My mind’s a mess. But not in a bad way. But I love my mess. Along the way, when I’m starting to pick everything up, I come across things that make me feel happy. Thoughts that will make me stop for a while and savor for a moment. That’s the best thing for me, I guess. Finding pleasure on things that once was. On things that you once experienced and recalled and now you feel the exact same feelings you had at that specific memory. Having it inside my messy head and encountering once again… it’s a different kind of high.


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