I’m Sad But Then I Smile

I’m Sad But Then I Smile

These past few days have taken a toll on me. Have you ever had a day where you feel so sad with no apparent reason and nothing seems to make it okay? In my case, it has been a week since I felt like this. It’s actually frustrating.

And then after the long days of having dark clouds hover up your head, you get a ray of sunshine and suddenly, everything feels okay.

When Alfie sent me the link [above] on Facebook, I was actually very wary of viewing the link. I was very scared of what it can possibly contain. Knowing Alfie, you must be ready with what it is. So gathering ALL my courage, I clicked it. And at the first thing that appeared, I was laughing out loud that my sister even looked at me like I was crazy. I had to wipe away the happy tears that were starting to form in my eyes. But still it doesn’t change the fact that this made my day.

After seeing the link, I immediately went to NBS because I needed to buy blue paper for our Calculus assignment. And still what I saw couldn’t get off of my head. I was fighting the urge to laugh inside the jeep. The lady across from me must think I am crazy because a little while later, I was crying.

No one really bothered comforting me before. Maybe because they never had a reason to do so since I’m always an all-smiles kind of person when I am with them. Usually, I am the one giving comfort. It does not bother me, though. But if I have to admit, this might have been the first time someone comforted me without me asking for it.

So Alfie, I know you are reading this. Thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 🙂


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